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Don’t Accept Wage And Hour Violations

Unfortunately, not every employer has his or her employee’s best interests in mind. In an effort to protect their bottom line, some employers choose to use unfair or unlawful compensation procedures. If you are the victim of an unfair pay practice at work, the law firm of Markowitz & Richman can help.

Our Attorneys Resolve All Kinds Of Wage, Hour And Overtime Disputes

Wage and hour law attorneys play an important role in upholding state and federal laws and compelling employers to treat their employees fairly. For more than 30 years, the employment and labor law attorneys at Markowitz & Richman have represented the rights of employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Do not be intimidated or fearful if you have an issue related to your pay. You have rights and options. Contact us to arrange a consultation at any of our five office locations: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Allentown, Pennsylvania; Haddonfield, New Jersey; or New York, New York.

There are a number of pay schemes that are illegal under the Fair Labor Standards Act. FLSA applies not only to overtime pay issues, but also to a host of wage and hour issues such as:

  • Unfair deductions from pay
  • Illegal tip-sharing arrangements
  • Forfeiture of commissions and bonuses
  • Unpaid wait time
  • Requirement to wear a beeper off-hours without compensation

Our employment law attorneys are very knowledgeable with wage and hour laws and can tell you whether or not you have been treated unfairly. If your employer is guilty of violating wage and hour laws, courts can order your employer to pay not only the amount you are entitled to, but also your attorney fees.

One of the most common wage and hour law complaints is the misclassification of employees as “exempt” workers so that the employer is not required to pay overtime. However, unless your employer can show that you fall into very limited job categories, you are entitled to be paid overtime equivalent to time and a half your normal rate of pay for working in excess of 40 hours in a week.

Contact Our Philadelphia Lawyers For Help Today

Wage and hour issues should be resolved as soon as possible. Do not let your legal matter slip onto your “things to do” list. Let us help begin the process of resolving your case today. Our lawyers are dedicated to standing by you throughout the entirety of your case. Contact us to arrange an appointment: 800-590-4561.