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Help With Executive Noncompete Agreements

Starting a new job is often a whirlwind event. Between orientation sessions, networking events with new co-workers and getting adjusted to new workspaces, some of the most important matters can be overlooked. Many executives handle some of the most fundamental matters — signing noncompete, nondisclosure and other employment agreements — without knowing their significance.

If you are asked to sign a noncompete or nondisclosure agreement, you should know that these documents can have a significant effect on your career. The agreement may limit where you can work, which clients you can continue relationships with and which information you can disclose. Some employees are even asked to give up the right to any intellectual property they develop while in the course of employment.

If A Noncompete Or Nondisclosure Is Being Enforced Against You, We Can Help

If a noncompete or nondisclosure agreement is being enforced against you by a past employer, it is critical that you seek a lawyer’s advice before litigation escalates. If legal action is successfully taken against you, you could stand to lose your current employment or the clients who support your business. The results could be financially devastating.

At Markowitz & Richman, we are dedicated to protecting your rights in employment law matters. We have years of experience and have handled employment law matters for thousands of clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We have an in-depth understanding of executive representation and know that employers often bring lawsuits when the contracts they attempt to enforce are, in fact, unenforceable. Noncompete agreements may prohibit too large a geographic area or too long a period of time to be enforced by the court. Nondisclosure agreements may actually only apply to certain, limited information.

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While you do have options regarding noncompete and nondisclosure agreements, it is critical to act on them quickly. Email Markowitz & Richman or call us at or toll free to speak with a Philadelphia executive noncompete attorney.