Labor Union Representation In Pennsylvania

For over 30 years, the law firm of Markowitz & Richman has been representing labor unions in a variety of matters. Our attorneys and staff are dedicated to the union, working to preserve the future successes and minimize the negative impact any issues may have.

We work with unions to address any legal matters that may need attention. Our lawyers have represented a number of unions in several different matters, including:

  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements
  • Representing the union before state and federal labor boards in organizing campaigns
  • Representing the union regarding unfair labor practice claims
  • Federally defending claims of unfair representation and breach of contract
  • Representing the union before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)

Contact Our Philadelphia Attorneys

Contact a labor union representation law firm that works to ensure the security of your union: 800-590-4561. Our attorneys and staff at Markowitz & Richman are proud to represent the many needs the union may have. Let us help preserve the integrity of the union by efficiently and effectively working to resolve any legal issues that may arise.