Offering Benefit Fund Representation

Benefit fund representation is a unique type of counsel that falls within the legal area of labor law. A benefit fund is an account designed to hold the money that pays for employees' benefits such as pensions and medical insurance. For over 30 years, our firm has been serving as legal representative for several different benefit funds.

Our Attorneys Handle Benefit Fund Matters Across Pennsylvania

The law firm of Markowitz & Richman is well-versed and experienced in a variety of matters affecting benefit funds and the individuals who are legally obligated to protect the assets of the fund. Some of the legal services we extend to the trustees and regarding the fund itself include:

  • Advise and counsel benefit fund trustees
  • Collect from delinquent employers
  • Defend the funds from erroneous claims to benefits
  • Compose plan documents
  • Design and write benefit fund agreements

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Our legal team is confident that it can effectively serve the needs of the benefit fund that you represent. We are dedicated to ensuring the future of the fund through the documents created and the collections gained. Benefit funds need competent legal representation to preserve the assets within the fund.

Contact a team of benefit fund representation attorneys who work to get the results you deserve. Call 800-590-4561. Trust an experienced firm to effectively represent the legal interests of your benefit fund.