Help With Noncompete Agreements

Employment contracts may include a restrictive covenant that prevents an employee from working for a competitor after he or she leaves his or her current position. These are called "noncompete agreements" and they can apply not only to executives, but also to middle managers, sales representatives and technical employees. Many people don't even know they have a noncompete agreement in their employment contracts until after they leave their current positions to take another job. The news comes in the form of a threatening letter from their prior employer.

Overly restrictive noncompete agreements are a serious and growing problem, and one that needs to be dealt with immediately. Your former employer can seek an immediate injunction preventing you from working for the competitor. A noncompete agreement can hinder your career and prevent you from working in the field where your talents and experience are most valuable.

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Your career is important and issues with noncompete agreements need to be addressed as soon as possible. Your right to work in your chosen field may be on the line. Let us help begin the process of resolving your case today. Our lawyers are dedicated to standing by you throughout the entirety of your case.

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